Health information - med help forums health tools health information experts my medhelp urology expert forum bladder polyp removal << back to forum by bronxgal | nov 19, 2003 0 comments answered by kevin pho, md bladder polyp removal i have to have a polyp removed from my bladder and i will be awake for the procedure, i'm not quite sure how its done and if being awake is my only option, do they go through the vagina stright to the bladder  or through the urethra, pleas explain it to me, thank you, linda j tags: bladder, examination, procedure tweet related discussions cancerous polyps in 36 year old male greetings my husband had a reoccuring bladder infection... generic viagra when will it be available [more] polyps coming out of your bladder (2 replies):is it normal for a polyp to be coming out of you bladder... order viagra online [more] bladder polyps (1 replies):i was told to have my bladder polyp removed surgically. [more] urethral polyp (2 replies):i have a 10 week old baby. which is better viagra or viagra or viagra In the last 6 months of my p... yahoo mail virus viagra [more] carrincle on urethra my 78 year old mother recently went through over one y... viagra samples [more] kevin pho, md   nov 21, 2003 please note that i am not a urologist, and do not have personal experience in removing bladder polyps. Typically a bladder polyp would be removed during a procedure known as a cystoscopy. is viagra used for high blood pressure   here is a quote from a patient information handout discussing the procedure: "the doctor will gently insert the tip of the cystoscope into your urethra and slowly glide it up into the bladder. Relaxing your pelvic muscles will help make this part of the test easier. viagra mail order A sterile liquid (water or saline) will flow through the cystoscope to slowly fill your bladder and stretch it so that the doctor has a better view of the bladder wall. As your bladder reaches capacity, you will feel some discomfort and the urge to urinate. buy generic viagra You will be able to empty your bladder as soon as the examination is over. is viagra used for high blood pressure The time from insertion of the cystoscope to removal may be only a few minutes. viagra cost In most cases, the entire examination, including preparation, will take about 15 to 20 minutes. " here is the full article which discusses the proc. viagra without prescription viagra single use This web page is under construction check back soon - GJ !